A new direction in real estate development

About RWN Development Group

RWN Development Group represents a new direction in real estate development.

Based in Maryland, and specializing in the Baltimore/Washington DC Corridor, RWN has assembled a team of experts with extraordinary qualifications in commercial and residential real estate. Team members include architects, engineers, computer programmers, developers, project managers, and financial advisors. As a result, RWN is uniquely positioned to deliver excellence and quality in every project.

Only RWN Development Group combines all of the latest, most sophisticated elements of real estate development - from construction techniques to financing - with traditional concern for quality through and through.

Architectural Integrity and Attention to Detail

At RWN, architectural integrity is paramount. Each project unites form and function to produce a unique architectural statement.

RWN Development Group also understands the importance of the fine details, such as hand-carved stone, classic wrought iron, marble quarried from around the world, and woodwork by master craftsman. RWN Development Group has dedicated itself to building environments that recall an earlier period in America, when elegance and attention to detail characterized the best of life's material rewards.

In fact, RWN Development Group excels at creating extraordinary properties because of its unparalleled command of every phase of the process. The firm's real estate credentials rest on a solid foundation of successful experience with the renovation and restoration of some of Washington, DC's most important historic properties. Moreover, RWN includes a Hotel Division which specialized in developing successful hotel properties.

A Reputation for Site Selection and Anticipating Market Demand

The Group also prides itself on its reputation for site selection, seizing overlooked opportunities and transforming them into highly profitable ventures. Time and again, this team has demonstrated an ability to anticipate market shifts and development trends.

For example, when commercial real estate market analysts announced the demise of mixed-use properties, RWN saw fresh opportunities to combine living and working in creative new ways. Now they are the acknowledged leaders of mixed-use applications.

Real Estate Investment Services

For those wishing equity in a select number of prime commercial and residential projects, RWN Development Group provides complete services in investment counseling. In additional to accessing international funds, the Group assembles equity interests from institutional and private investors. With such access to capital, RWN Development Group develops projects that are extremely sound investments.